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Resource Hospital Team

Matthew P. Jordan
EMS Medical Director, NWC EMSS

Phone: 847.962.6008
E-mail: mjordan@nch.org



Connie J. Mattera
, RN

EMS Administrative Director, NWC EMSS

Phone  847-618-4480


Susan Wood, RN
EMS C.E. Coordinator

Phone:  847-618-4486
E-Mail:  swood@nch.org


Mike Gentile, PM
PM Course Lead Instructor

Phone:  847-618-4490
E-Mail: Mgentile@nch.org

Kathy Fitzpatrick

Administrative Assistant

Phone:  847-618-4480
E-mail:  Kfitzpatri@nch.org


Pamela Ross
EMS Secretary

Phone: 847-618-4482
E-Mail: PRoss@nch.org

Jennifer Dyer, RN
EMS Educator

Phone: 847-618-4494
E-Mail:  jdyer@nch.org

Chrisotpher Dunn, PM
EMT Course Lead Instructor

Phone:  847-618-4492
E-Mail:  cdunn@nch.org

Kourtney Chesney, PM
EMS Educator, PM Class
Lab Coordinator

Phone: 847-618-4488

Dara Sordo
Coordinator of the
Community Training Center

Phone: 847-7403
Fax: 847-618-7419
E-Mail:  DSordo@nch.org
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