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About Northwest Community Emergency Medical Services System (NWC EMSS)

      November, 2017 NWC EMSS System Report -

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MOTTO             "Quality People, Quality Education, Quality Care"

MISSION (Why Do We Exist?)

The Northwest Community Emergency Medical Services System is a team of highly educated emergency specialists committed to providing quality emergency care to the communities we serve.
We continue to strive for preeminence through a philosophy of total quality, continuous improvement, and advocating the appropriate use of technology and research to compassionately meet emergency care needs.

VISION (Where Are We Headed?)

The Northwest Community EMS System is viewed as the gold standard of excellence and quality by our customers and colleagues.
System initiatives are collaborative endeavors planned, organized, implemented, and evaluated by multidisciplinary teams of system members.

VALUES (How Will We Behave?)

- The system culture embraces excellence as a core value.
- Patient-centered, efficient, humanistic and value-based care, student achievement, and customer satisfaction drive all processes.
- Fiscal responsibility and careful stewardship of all resources is the cornerstone of business planning.
- Fair and equitable collaboration governs all System endeavors.
- Each person is accountable for their own actions.
- Each system member has equal value and an equal opportunity to contribute to system activities.
- The system conducts all business in adherence to applicable laws and its code of ethics.
- Quality education and a continuously learning health system is fundamental to professional growth and clinical excellence.

The mission, vision, and value statements were last reaffirmed by the System Advisory Board on March 9, 2017. These belief statements undergird the foundation of all System planning and activities.

The path we continue to take (strategies) to accomplish these pillars of excellence and the important framework that impacts our planning are defined in this document.

As we address clinical outcomes, operations, reimbursement, quality, risk, and patient and stakeholder satisfaction together, we strengthen our System of care and achieve the best possible patient and provider outcomes.

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