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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions for the System

Are two BLS patients able to be transported by the same ambulance, with two paramedics in the back, during a "normal" call?

Did the Recapha work?

Hello, My name is Nicole and I am an EMT who will soon need to renew her license. Regarding continuation education, are there any forms I need to fill out to document the hours? Do classes at Harper count towards the hours if I took such subjects as Anatomy and Physiology? Who do I send in forms/documents to? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Best, Nicole

I am licensed in region xi in Illinois as an ecrn. I cannot find the hard copy of my license and am up for renewal in November of this year. I just need the number of my ecrn license. thanks.

I am requesting a letter of good standing as well as records for all CE that I have. I will be dropping Northwest Community all together and will be changing my primary system to Edwards Hospital. Please email the above email with the information at your earliest convenience.

I called 911 on 6 22 2018 for an urgent ride for my wife Eleanor Quinn into Northwest Community Hospital 880 West Central Arlington Heights. is there a charge for the Fire Department ride into the emergency room?

I have been a medic in the system since 2013 and i wanted to take the national registry, The website says i need a 48 hour refersher course. I was wondering if my monthly CE counted towards that or if there was somthing the system provided.

I have been a paramedic in system since 1997. I am currently looking to relocate and will need to get a national license. What do I need to do to get started? Is there a way to get nationally licensed through NWCH?

I need to obtain a copy of my ECRN certificate. How do I go about this?

I tried clicking on the previously asked questions link above due to a similar question but the link is not in working order. I am primary in NWC looking to make Ingalls Region 7 my new primary(dropping NWC completely) due to new employment. I am requesting a letter of good standing as well as my con ed hours. Let me know if there is a form I have to fill out to complete the process. Thank you!

Testing the integrity of the FAQ section

Testing the integrity 2

What link has replaced gemssite.com?


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Questions for the System

Q: Testing the integrity of the FAQ section

A: Check test 1 on 12 28

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Q: Testing the integrity 2

A: Second test active

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