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Additional Resources:

More information on children with special needs

Stroke CE Materials

EZ-IO Tips

King Airway Skills Information

C-Pap Training Material (Nov 2011)                              New C-Pap Poster

12-Lead ECG Tips

Team Cardiac Arrest Video


Continuing Education (CE)

“Attention:  IF any PP presentations are needed to complete packets for upcoming end of the year CE requirements, please contact your PEMSC who has access to them via the dropbox account.”

Blank CE Lesson Plan in WORD Format

NWCEMSS CPR Certificate
   Rev 2/2/22

C.E. Didactic Hours form for EMS
  Rev 5/29/22

C.E. Didactic Hours form for EMS in Word Format 5/29/22

C.E. Didactic Hours form for EMSRN  7/28/21

2022-23 CE Topic List

February 2023
CE Calendar

January 2023
CE Calendar  CE Credit Questons
HeartMate Troubleshooting Guide  VAD Procedure
B1 Bypass Policy

November 2022
CE Calendar
CE Credit Questions    Cardiac Arrest Performance Record

October 2022
CE Calendar
CE Credit Questions   CE Powerpoint Slides

September 2022
CE Calendar
CE Credit Questions     CE Presentation Packet

August 2022
CE Calendar
CE Credit Questions

July 2022
CE Calendar
Student Activity Worksheets    CE Credit Questions

May 2022
CE Calendar

April 2022
CE Calandar

March 2022
CE Calendar  Behavioral
CE Credit Questions

February 2022
CE Calendar  Infectious Diseases/Sepsis
CE Credit Questions(pdf)  CE Credit Questions in Word Format
EMS Decisional Capacity          EMS Scopes of Practice 
NWC EMSS Emergency Paper PCR    
System Memo 402 -  Breaking News
System Memo 404 - No Transport Criteria
P1 - Preceptors Policy          System Memo 400 - Preceptor Courses 2020
P7 - Peer Educators Policy        S3 - EMS Staffing Requirements

Infectious diseases / Sepsis

January 2022
CE Calendar Child/Elderly Human Trafficking
CE Credit Questions

November 2021
CE Calendar  Shock
CE Class Handout   CE Powerpoint Slides   CE Credit Questions  posted 12/21/21
CE Class Handout Supplement (case information) 1/22/22

October 2021
CE Calendar  Trauma : Burns
CE Credit Questions posted 4/21/22

September 2021
CE Calendar 
(rev 9/9/21) Chest, Abdomen, & musculoskeletal Trauma
Credit Questions

August 2021
CE Calendar
Credit Questions

July 2021
CE Calendar (Neuro Disorders)
Credit Questions

May 2021
CE Calendar  (Cardiac Arrest)

April 2021
CE Calendar (12-Lead ECG)
CE Credit Questions

March 2021
CE Calendar (Cardiac Scenarios)
CE Credit Questions

February 2021
CE Calendar (Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies)
CE Credit Questions   Please ask your PEMSC or Hospital EMSC for a copy of the slidedeck, if needed to complete the credit questions.

January 2021
CE Calendar (Adult Respiratory Diseases)
CE Credit Questions

November 2020
CE Calendar
CE Credit Questions

October 2020 Pediatrics
CE Calendar  rev 10/13

CE Credit Questions   PEDS SOPs for credit questions
CE Participant Handout

September 2020 Cardiac Arrest
CE Calendar

August 2020 Diabetes, Elderly & Obesity
CE Calendar

Diabetes/Obesity/Elderly        https://youtu.be/DbSGcW4saiY

August CE Credit Questions

August 2020 Make Up ZOOM Class Sept 9th,1100-1300

Makeup opportunity for August CE:  Diabetes/Obesity/Elderly

A meeting invitation for the makeup class for the August CE was sent to the provider coordinators. 
This zoom class will be taped and subsequently posted to the website for viewing upon completion. 
This is another opportunity to attend LIVE for CE credit.  Those wanting to attend MUST RSVP to 

July 2020 Continuing Education

Zoom Link to watch taped class:  https://youtu.be/6740a2-sf8E

Continuing Education Packet    Stroke Reference Materials

Dr. Jordan's videos  1 through 4 in order


These are the links to all July CE seizure videos that were embedded into the class on zoom:







2020 Continuing Education:

June 2020  Understanding Crisis Services Document

May 2020 - Environmental Emergencies - Hot, Cold, Immersion
Participant Handout     CA Data for 2019 & New CA Documentation Priorities

March 2020 - Behavioral Emergencies /Suicide Assessment
C.E. Calendar Rev 2/28/20  Participant Handout
Resource List for Providers  
C.E. Credit questions posted 7 3 20   

ZOOM Behavioral Emergencies Class  https://youtu.be/w-lJ1flrPa0

February 2020 - Policy-Legal
CE Calendar  rev 2/11    Participant Handout
CE Q & A Sheet             CE Credit Questions

January 2020
CE Calendar  updated 12/23     CE Credit Questions
CE Handout (SOPs, Procedures and Policies)
BEFAST Handout    CT Bypass - indications for CT
Drug Administration 7 Rights      I4 Impaired Practice Policy

Videos posted by Dr. Jordan:
These are links to youtube of pertitnent information

Cardiac arrest documentation  (12:07)
Airway Discussion / King Vision insertion (5:06)
System Updates / I-gel device / Infectious Diseases  (9:00)
Dispatch determinants / Documentation of Stroke  (7:30)
Cardiac Arrest / IO placement in cardiac arrest Proximal Humerus  (5:24)
Kourtney’s Story  (16:45)
CA / Stay and Play vs. Load and Go  (6:52)
Application of LUCAS

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