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 Continuing Education (CE)

August 2015  C. E. Calendar

July 2015   C.E. Calendar

Topics for CE Year 7/15 - 5/16

May 2015   C.E. Calendar    Powerpoint Slides Pregnancy/Newborn care (pdf)
                   C.E. Credit Questions

April 2015  C.E. Calendar   CE Credit Questions    HF, COPD, Asthma Slides

Handouts:  Heart Failure   Chronic Respiratory   Asthma    Monthly Packet

March 2015  C.E. Calendar   CE Credit Questions

February 2015  C.E. Calendar      Participant Handout (Behavioral Emer)  

Slides from Powerpoint

January 2015  Makeup Dates for Bougie Assisted ETI Class

C.E. Calendar
     Equipment Required      CE Handout     Post Test Study Questions

CE Slides (PDF)

November 2014 C.E. Calendar

October 2014   C.E. Calendar       CE Spine Motion Restriction Handout     

Credit Questions
  (Spine Motion Restrictions)  Powerpoint Slides (Oct. CE)

September 2014  C.E. Calendar  CE
 "Elderly" Cover Page   CE Class Handout (Elderly)

 Class Slides (Elderly)        CE Class Credit Questions (Elderly)

August 2014    Shock (all Forms)      Shock Handout    Credit Questions (Shock)

 C. E. Calendar

EZ-IO Videos   Arm Immobilization     Anatomy Demo

July 2014  C.E. Calendar     CE
 Class Handout (Pediatrics)  Powerpoint Slides (Pediatrics)

Post Test Study Questions for May SOP

SOP Changes and Rationale        Slides From May Presentation (New SOPs) 

 LBB Resource document

C.E. Current Academic Year (July 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015)  C.E. Topics

Last Academic Year 2013 -14 Reference Material

June 2014   Continuing Education Verification of Skills and Accounting of CE Hours Form

May 2014 (MANDATORY)  C. E. Calendar

April 2014   C. E. Calendar   C.E. Handout     Bites and Stings  

Drownings and Dive Emerg
  Heat Emerg   Credit Questios

Allergies and Anapylaxis     All Profiles

March 2014  C.E. Calendar     C.E. Credit Questions     C.E. Packet

February 2014  C.E. Calendar  Pediatric Education Material and Credit Questions

 Strips (Atrial Rhythms)

January 2014      C.E. Calendar      Study Questions for January Test (
Sept & OCT C.E.)

C.E. Handout (Case Studies)

November 2013  In-Station Calendar       C.E. Credit Questions - Diabetes    

C.E. Reference Material - Dibetes

Download of the Slides from Diabetes Powerpoint

October 2013  In-station Calendar               
ECG Re-Education Assignment     Triage Reference Card

September 2013 MCI  In-Station Calendar    C.E. Credit Quesitons      MCI
  Mpi Mci Slides 

August 2013 Stroke  In-Station Calendar      C.E. August Reference material - Stroke     Credit Questons  Stroke

Post test study questions
(May material)      Post test study questions (August material)

Post test study questions (July material) --- Due to the size of the file,
please click on the link to download the material from Drop Box  

July 2013 ECG
  In-Station Calendar       

C.E. Class Handout
Due to the size of the file, 
please click on the link to download the material from Drop Box

Topics for the Upcoming Academic Year (Beginning July 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014)

ACADEMIC YEAR 2012 - 13 Reference Material
May 2013   Cover Page for CE    Student Handout 
System Memo (D10)     D10 Skill Sheet     Medical Mattress Information    
Norovirus Fact Sheet    DNR
 Form         DNR POLST Survey    IDPH  Advance Directives Q & A 

March 3013
   Post Test Study Questions (Cardiac Arrest)   Powerpoint Handout  Cardiac Arrest

February 2013
 Post Test Study Questions (Trauma)    February Class Handout
Google Docs Link to Independent Study Material (Topic in Trauma)
Drop Box Link to Independent Study Material (Same as above in a different file link)

January 2013
 Post Test Study Questions (Domestic Violence)  
Independent Study Materials   Part1    Part 2   Part 3  (Domestic Violence)  Powerpoint part 1     
 Powerpoint part 2      Powerpoint part 3  (Domestic Violence)

November 2012
 (King Airway) Practice Alert      KLDS Gastric Poster

October 2012
  Independent Study Material (Airway, Breathing and Ventilation)
Post Test Study Questions (Airway)    
 Powerpoint Slides (Airway)  

September 2012 
Independent Study Material (Eye and Ear)   Student Handout (Eye & Ear)                
Post Test Bank Questions (Eye & Ear)

August 2012
 Independent Study Materials (Thoracic Trauma)  Powerpoint (thoracic Trauma)
This will open the slides in Google docs.  To view the presentation, go to file and then download.
You will be able to open it in Powerpoint  Post Test Bank Questions (Thoracic Trauma)

July 2012
 Therapuetic Hypothermia Procedure    Cardiac Arrest Worksheet      Dopamine Instructions

2011-12 ACADEMIC YEAR MATERIALS (reference materials only)

May 2012   C. E. Handout
April 2012
 Supplemental video
March 2012 Credit Questions Children with Special Needs    (Part 1) (part 2) (part 3)  (part 4)
February 2012 Credit Questions (Capnography)                          
January 2012  Credit Questions (Respiratory Assessment)           
October 2011 Credit Questions (Pediatrics)                                   
September 2011 Credit Questions (Trauama Assessment)           
August 2011 Credit Questions (Stroke)                                           

Additional Resources:

More information on children with special needs

Stroke CE Materials

EZ-IO Tips

King Airway Skills Information

C-Pap Training Material (Nov 2011)                              New C-Pap Poster

12-Lead ECG Tips

Team Cardiac Arrest Video



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