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 Continuing Education (CE)

Blank CE Lesson Plan in WORD Format

Topics for the CE Year 7/17 to 5/18
List as of April 2017

EMS CE Didactic Forms
EMSRN CE Didactic Form

April 2018
C.E. Calendar  - rev 4/18 (12 Leads; ACS)

March 2018
  C.E. Calendar  (HF vs Asthma/Cardiogenic Shock)
C.E. Slides HF vs Asthma
C.E. Handout
C.E. Credit Questions

February 2018 C.E. Calendar (MPI/WMD)   C.E. Credit Questions (MPIs)
1) Multiple Patient Management Handout
2) SOPs For Handout
3) SMART Tag
4) SMART Contamination Tag
5) START Triage
6) JumpSTART Triage
7) Secondary Triage
8) Influenza
9) Norovirus Fact Sheet

January 2018  C.E. Calendar (Chronic conditions)
C. E. Credit Questions (
utilize the PP slides to answer the questions that are already posted)
Updated information for Mandatory Make-up For November CE
C.E. Participant Handout (Chronic Adult Illness)  C.E. Slide Deck

December 2017 -  Calendar of Mandatory Make-up Classes for November C.E.
Note:  Space is limited for the Make-up Classes.  You Must Call or Email to reserve a spot.

November 2017 C.E. Calendar
    C.E. Handout Cardiac Arrest

October 2017 C.E. Calendar  (revised 10/5)  Med-Legal / Ethics / AMS
C.E. Credit Questions    C.E. Slide Deck
(Instructions for these questions)

in case any EMTs, paramedics, or ECRNs missed the October CE and need to make up the class using credit questions, please see the credit questions above.   Many of the questions are embedded in the handout as that is when participants needed to discuss and answer questions in class. The remaining questions are at the end.  Please have access to the policies


When submitting the completed questions to the assigned nurse Coordinator/educator for review and approval, only submit pages with questions on them. Just ensure that your name is on the top of each page.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


September 2017 C.E. Calendar Head & Chest Trauma
C.E. Class Handout        C.E. Slides and Notes
C.E. Credit Questons

August 2017 C.E. Calendar Pediatric Trauma 
Assumed Knowledge Material
    CE Credit Questions
CE Class Packet    CE Class Slides (in pdf format)

July 2017  C.E. Calendar  Trauma Assessment - Adult
CE Credit Questions         CE Handout Packet

Topics for the Past CE Year - 7/16 to 5/17

May 2017  C.E. Calendar   Updated 4 27   Peds Respiatory Emergencies

C.E. Credit Questions
   C.E. Cover Page

C.E. Handout Packet    C.E. Handout Slide Packet

April 2017  C.E. Calendar      C.E. Slide Packet   C.E. Handout Packet  
                                             C.E. Credit Questions
April CE Background Rationale
Change in Documenting ECG
CPR Vitals (Slide)
Advanced Airway (Slide)

March 2017 C.E. Calendar
   Study materials were updated on 4 17 17
  Credit Questions (Sepsis, et. al)   Participant Handout (Sepsis, P. Birth, E. Delirium)
  Slide Deck (Sepsis, et. al)  Page 110 of SOPs (Norepi Drip Rate)

February 2017 C.E. Calendar   Credit Questions (Abuse)

January 2017 C.E. Calendar  - Stroke & SOP Question and Answers  Lesson Plan

Credit Questions (Stroke)     Stroke Slide Deck Resource Material

Participant Handout
  Independent Study Material  (Updated 1/30/18)  Stroke Checklist

December 2016 - MAKEUP DATES FOR NEW SOPs        

ETI w Bougie Form for Performance Assessments
NOTE:  New reference videos for Bougie are posted 3/17
Video for Bougie-Cric  Video for Bougie ETI   (Updated 3/17)

November 2016   C.E. Calendar - NEW SOPs (rev)- This is a mandatory Attendance C.E.

NEW SOP Changes and Rationales

October 2016 AMS DM OD Behavioral
  C.E. Calendar

Attached are the credit questions for October, it is the packet that must be completed and here are the instructions to be listed.
PART ONE:  For CE Credit in October, the fill-in questions found in the packet must be fully completed.  You will find an additional documents (diabetes, psych and toxicology) posted that may be needed other than the SOPs, policies and procedures.
PART TWO:  Additionally, for full credit, you must create 3 scenarios (rubrics found in the packet on p. 8-10).  Rubrics must be completed with appropriate signs and symptoms, VS and pt presentation.
1.       Create a pt in which they have a problem with both a trauma and infection situation (p. 36 and 37 of SOPs)
2.       Next pt to include the following conditions:  both the use of alcohol and a diabetic situation p. 25 and 26 of SOPs.
3.       Next pt to include the following conditions:  both an oxygen deficit and a psychological emergency.  p. 33 of SOPs. (Ex. An adult pt appears restless, agitated and uncooperative.  h/o recent travel trip driving all around the country - PE.)

Study Materials:
Altered Mental Status Handout

September 2016 ePCR Documentation Update  C.E. Calendar  Updated 9/1

August 2016  Pediatric Trauma: Head, Spine, MSK   C.E. Calendar Rev 7/30/16   

August Packet

If there are individuals who missed the CE in August, the credit questions will be as follows (using the packet from class):
1.        Complete the rubrics for the first 3 discussions based on the ePCRs attached.
2.       Complete the rubrics by creating an accurate assessment for the 4 pt conditions given at the top of the page (just as assigned in class).
July 2016
    C.E. CalendaCE Credit Questions (Cardiac Arrest)

Video on Cardiac Arrest - Video Link
Note:  It has been ~10 years since we introduced the pit-crew approach to team resuscitation.  Our second video, while 5-years old, is reasonably accurate except for no longer using vasopressin.  Please feel free to use it as a refresher in advance of the CE.

Topics for the Last CE  Year  - 7/15 - 5/16 - List updated on March 25, 2016

May 2016          CE Credit Questions (Heat, Allergic reactions)

                          CE Powerpoint Slide handout (Heat, Hives and Stuff That Burns)
April 2016         12 Lead ECG (Case File) Video Link  

CECQ 12L w QRC powerpoint slides

March 2016      CE Credit Questions (Respiratory Distress)

February 2016 

Participant Handout For use as Credit Questions (Communicable Diseases - Pediatric) 

Powerpoint Slide Handout  In pdf format

January 2016  Video for Bougie-Cric  Video for Bougie ETI    NOTE:  These videos were updated in March 2017

                        ETI Bougie Checklist  
                        Bougie Assited ETI Handout (Slides in Pdf Format)

November 2015   CE Slides in Pdf booklet (Chest Trauma)

                            C.E. Case Studies (Chest Trauma)

October 2015      C.E. Calendar      CE Credit Questions    

                            CE Handout (Refusal of Service)

September 2015 

August 2015 

July 2015       CE Credit Questions   Handout (Pediatrics Part 1)

Academic Year 2014 / 15  C.E. Topics Note that some materials may be out of date - Reference Only

May 2015   Powerpoint Slides Pregnancy/Newborn care (pdf)
                   C.E. Credit Questions

April 2015  CE Credit Questions    HF, COPD, Asthma Slides
Handouts:  Heart Failure   Chronic Respiratory   Asthma    Monthly Packet

March 2015  CE Credit Questions

February 2015  Participant Handout (Behavioral Emer)  
Slides from Powerpoint

January 2015 CE Handout     Post Test Study Questions
CE Slides (PDF)

October 2014  
CE Spine Motion Restriction Handout    
Credit Questions
  (Spine Motion Restrictions) 
Powerpoint Slides
(Oct. CE)

September 2014 CE
 "Elderly" Cover Page   CE Class Handout (Elderly)
 Class Slides (Elderly)        CE Class Credit Questions (Elderly)

August 2014    Shock (all Forms)      Shock Handout    Credit Questions (Shock)
EZ-IO Videos  
Arm Immobilization     Anatomy Demo

July 2014
CE Class Handout (Pediatrics)  Powerpoint Slides (Pediatrics)

Post Test Study Questions for May SOP

SOP Changes and Rationale        Slides From May Presentation (New SOPs) 

 LBB Resource document

Academic Year 2013 / 14
Note that some materail may be out of date - Reference only


June 2014 

April 2014   
Bites and Stings  
Drownings and Dive Emerg
  Heat Emerg   Credit Questios
Allergies and Anapylaxis     All Profiles

March 2014 
C.E. Packet

February 2014   
Pediatric Education Material and Credit Questions
 Strips (Atrial Rhythms)

January 2014 
C.E. Handout (Case Studies)

November 2013
C.E. Reference Material - Dibetes          
Download of the 
Slides from Diabetes Powerpoint

October 2013 
ECG Re-Education Assignment     Triage Reference Card
September 2013 MCI 
MCI  Mpi Mci Slides

August 2013 Stroke 
August Reference material - Stroke

July 2013 ECG

C.E. Class Handout
  -  Due to the size of the file, 
please click on the link to download the material from Drop Box

/ 13 Reference Material Only- 

Note that some of this older material may be out of date.

May 2013   Student Handout 
System Memo (D10)     D10 Skill Sheet     Medical Mattress Information    
Norovirus Fact Sheet    DNR
 Form         DNR POLST Survey    IDPH  Advance Directives Q & A 

March 3013   
Powerpoint Handout  Cardiac Arrest

February 2013  
February Class Handout
Google Docs Link to
Independent Study Material (Topic in Trauma)

January 2013  (Domestic Violence)   
Powerpoint part 1     
Powerpoint part 2      Powerpoint part 3
  (Domestic Violence)

November 2012
KLDS (King Airway) Practice Alert      KLDS Gastric Poster

Additional Resources:

More information on children with special needs

Stroke CE Materials

EZ-IO Tips

King Airway Skills Information

C-Pap Training Material (Nov 2011)                              New C-Pap Poster

12-Lead ECG Tips

Team Cardiac Arrest Video



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