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 Before an applicant can receive practice priviledges, they must complete skills entry.

After successfully completing the written testing components, the next step is to schedule for the labs.

Skills Testing Registration Form for August 1, to December 5 2022  posted 7/11/22

LUCAS Device Information:

Video on Cardiac Arrest and LUCAS by Dr. Jordan
Video on Applying the LUCAS by Dr. Jordan
LUCAS Instructions of Use (pdf)
LUCAS Skill Performance Record

KING Vision Information:

King Vision Instruction Manual (pdf)
King Vision video tips by Dr. Jordan

These videos describe the proper use of the Bougie:
Video for Bougie-Cric 

Video for Bougie ETI

Video demonstrating Humeral Head Placement for EZ IO

The EZ IO® Intraosseous Vascular Access Training

Arrow® EZ-IO® Infant Child Needle Selection and Insertion Technique Animation Video

Arrow® EZ-IO® Proximal Humerus Site Animation

Arrow® EZ-IO® Needle Insertion - Proximal Humerus (MC-000603)

"Pit Crew" CPR Cardiac Arrest Team Resuscitation.wmv 
(Please NoteThis video is from 2011 and Vasopressin is no longer used.)

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