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 This reference material is for use by the
Designated Infection Control Officers of the member agencies.

Infection Prevention & Control for Emergency Medical Services Personnel:  

Infection Control Training Courses

Source Patient Testing Form (for Suspected Exposures)

2015 CDC Update on Ebola (Jan 14 15)
Infection Control Guidance for EMS Providers (MCHC
 2013 Edition)

Infection Control Nurse Handout & Factsheet (MCHC 2013 Edition)

A Review of Procedures for Preventing Exposures &
Reducing Disease Transmission

2011 Annual Tuberculosis Surveillance Update - Cook County Public Health

Cook County Public Health First Responder Task Force Meeting Minutes:
2012 September

Cook County Communicable Disease Update:
2012 August

2014 CDC Ebola Update

Chicago Flu Update

Patient Decon. Procedures

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