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EMS Week is May 17th - 23rd


While we cannot celebrate in the usual ways, we will use this EMS WEEK to showcase and celebrate ALL EMS PERSONNEL – ON THE FRONT LINES and THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM as educators, dispatchers,  ECRNs, ED physicians, leaders, public safety personnel, and family members.  This year’s theme is EMS STRONG.  How fitting,  since from the earliest days of the Covid-19 pandemic we have admired the heroic efforts of our teams as they made rapid pivot changes to confront and overcome the challenges posed by a world transforming under our feet.


OUR GRATEFUL THANKS to ALL OF YOU from the NWC EMSS Team for your DEDICATION, SELFLESS COURAGE, TIRELESS SERVICE, COMPASSION for vulnerable and frightened patients, AND FOR BEING STANDARD BEARERS OF EXCELLENCE, EVEN WHEN IT IS HARD – ESPECIALLY BECAUSE IT IS HARD. Those are the marks of TRUE HEROISM.  We are blessed beyond belief to work with each of you!

While you are caring for others, please also take time to care for your physical, mental and emotional health.  We only stay strong if we look to those things too!

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