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Barrington has a successful infant resuscitation


The Barrington Fire Department responded to an unconscious child. The shift commander responded along with A362 and an auto aid engine from Palatine Rural Fire Department. Battalion arrived at the same time as two officers from the Barrington Police Department. Upon entering the home we found an unresponsive two month old infant with no pulse or respirations. The officer began CPR and handed the infant off to A/C Bruce Peterson who continued chest compressions.  The infant was brought to arriving ambulance where chest compressions and assisted ventilations continued with FF/PM's Andrew Teuber, Beau Sanchez, Ben Oros and Lt. Mike Brown. The history from the mother indicated infant was crying then became limp in her arms. The child had no past medical history, wasn't recently sick and had normal child birth. 


Chest compressions continued as crews determined there was no obstruction in the airway. Monitor and defibrillation pads were applied as advanced airway equipment was being prepared. Rhythm showed pt. in course VFib. Compression started again with BVM while the monitor was prepared to defib. Pt defibbed and noticed immediate return of femoral pulse and improvement in skin color. Continued to assist ventilations while enroute. The patient was transported with four paramedics in the patient compartment. Upon transferring patient to staff at Good Shepherd the infant was moving all limbs and beginning to breathe on its own.


Congratulations to all involved on this call.  Great teamwork!

The family brought the baby to a recent Village Board Meeting, to thank the crew!

From the left of picture to the right are:

FF/PM  Beau Sanchez, Ben Oros, Andrew Teuber, A/C Bruce Peterson (holding the infant) & LT Mike Brown

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