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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions for the System

Are two BLS patients able to be transported by the same ambulance, with two paramedics in the back, during a "normal" call?

Dear Ladies / Gentlemen, I am trying to understand the guidelines, expected process, or practices that EMTs or Paramedics use in responding to an individual that has been drinking alcohol. My son (28 years old) was at a concert and both he and his friend were drinking. A security guard saw my son stumble and escorted him to the EMT medical support. They told him he needed to be transported to a hospital, without any sort of specific reason or process for determining his level of intoxication or health danger. The only test they did was a GCS (Glasgow Coma Score) which he scored a 14 on. He was conscious and arguing telling them he had no insurance and wanted to leave the concert with his friend, they had planned to call a cab to get a ride home. I don't condone the drinking, but this is fairly common in their experience to drink and then get a cab ride home. From the EMT report, my son was not cooperating with them taking him to the hospital, as he had no money to pay and wanted to leave. They decided to sedate him and gave him an injection of Midazolam (5 mg). He woke up in the hospital 2 hours later and was released with a bill of ~$5,000. The EMTs and Paramedic never even took his pulse or did any form of sobriety determination. He was not falling down and was responsive. They could have called the police if they were concerned about his behavior. It seems very dangerous and inappropriate for them to sedate him with no medical history and no consent, then transport him with no consent to the hospital. The hospital simply let him recover for 2 hours and released him. The ambulance transport was by the same company that the EMT/Paramedics work for, and the new ambulance had only 503 miles on it. The Ambulance has filed for payment on grounds of ‘Restitution’, but my son was clearly conscious when he refused transport to the hospital and was sedated by the EMT/Paramedic staff without consent. I am sure there must be a process or practice for determining the need for ambulance transport?? Are there laws/requirements for this process? Please let me know your experience and thoughts on this issue, or if you have any recommendations for obtaining further information. Thanks Mark

Did the Recapha work?

Good day, I am updating our IDPH Physical Fitness Facility Medical Emergency Plan and have, for years, listed Dr. John Ortinau as our AED Medical Review Officer. I noticed on your site that he has since retired. Should I list someone else in that position? Thank you.

Hello, My name is Nicole and I am an EMT who will soon need to renew her license. Regarding continuation education, are there any forms I need to fill out to document the hours? Do classes at Harper count towards the hours if I took such subjects as Anatomy and Physiology? Who do I send in forms/documents to? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Best, Nicole

I am licensed in region xi in Illinois as an ecrn. I cannot find the hard copy of my license and am up for renewal in November of this year. I just need the number of my ecrn license. thanks.

I am looking for a copy of the cardiac rhythm flow chart that I was given during paramedic class. It was the flow chart that helped determine ECG rhythms. Not sure if you have a pdf saved but if possible could you email it to me? Please let me know either way, thanks!

I am looking to get my National Registry Paramedic license, however, having trouble where to start. Is there anyway you can help?

I am requesting a letter of good standing as well as records for all CE that I have. I will be dropping Northwest Community all together and will be changing my primary system to Edwards Hospital. Please email the above email with the information at your earliest convenience.

I called 911 on 6 22 2018 for an urgent ride for my wife Eleanor Quinn into Northwest Community Hospital 880 West Central Arlington Heights. is there a charge for the Fire Department ride into the emergency room?

i can not find the policy manual on line. i can find the link but its not working. is there a new place for it?

I have been a medic in the system since 2013 and i wanted to take the national registry, The website says i need a 48 hour refersher course. I was wondering if my monthly CE counted towards that or if there was somthing the system provided.

I have been a paramedic in system since 1997. I am currently looking to relocate and will need to get a national license. What do I need to do to get started? Is there a way to get nationally licensed through NWCH?

I left my position as Firefighter/paramedic at Hoffman Estates FD to work for the Orland Fire Protection District. I need a letter of good standing as well my current CE hours to be sent to Region VII Silver Cross Hospital.

I need to obtain a copy of my ECRN certificate. How do I go about this?

I tried clicking on the previously asked questions link above due to a similar question but the link is not in working order. I am primary in NWC looking to make Ingalls Region 7 my new primary(dropping NWC completely) due to new employment. I am requesting a letter of good standing as well as my con ed hours. Let me know if there is a form I have to fill out to complete the process. Thank you!

My name is Zach and I work with Roots Milwaukee. Roots offers a structured 6 month sober living program, as well as outpatient counseling services. I am reaching out to provide more information about the programs Roots offers for young adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. I would be happy to mail some informational brochures if you would like. Please feel free to reach out to me via email or give me a call at 414.312.0362 if you would like to discuss further. I look forward to working with you.


Testing the integrity of the FAQ section

Testing the integrity 2

What link has replaced gemssite.com?

When is your first ECRN initial in 2020? Is there still a class in December? Can you please send the answer to my private email too? ERDBEEREROT@OUTLOOK.COM I am a Registered Nurse at NWM, thank you, Angelika


Will there be Peer II educator classes this year?


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Questions for the System

Q: Testing the integrity of the FAQ section

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