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 EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)     EMT Class Report
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Are you interested in becoming and EMT? 

Contact Harper College for registration requirements and information at:

Emergency Medical Technician Certificate: Harper College

EMT Continuing Education -
Please note: This next section mainly concerns those independent EMTs who are looking for C.E. to keep up with the required hours for recertification. 

Any EMT wishing to acquire continuing education hours is welcome to attend class lectures as posted on the agenda. This does not apply to skills testing and exam dates which are not open for audit.  NWC EMSS charges $5.00 per hour, for hour for hour credit. EMT classes are held in the auditorium of Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, 800 W. Central Road.

Any EMT wishing to attend should notify the EMT class coordinator at 
cdunn@nch.org prior to attending a class.
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