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The Provider Based Performance Improvement Committee serves an important function within the Northwest Community EMS System.  Among it's functions:

Assess and improve the quality of EMS documentation and care throughout the System in compliance with laws, rules, guidelines, and standards of practice.

Create and implement the System's annual quality assessment and performance improvement (QAPI) plan and make recommendations for the QAPI section of the System Strategic Plan. They focus on high-risk, high-volume, or problem-prone areas and their effects on health outcomes, patient safety, and quality of care.  They gather information relative to System activities through retrospective run reviews, concurrent monitoring, assessment results, and input from system members.

Assess and monitor key metrics, analyze trends and gaps, and identify opportunities for improvement. The committee explores possible process changes or recommends education that would improve performance and seeks approval from the EMS MD or designee to implement these suggestions.

Charter of the Provider Based-Performance Improvement Committee   REV. 2024

2024 PBPI Plan


Chair: Adam Sielig (AHFD)
Vice Chair:  Taylor McIntyre (HEFD)
Secretary:  Nichole Junge (RMFD)
Data Coordinator: VACANT
Screen Coordinator: VACANT


Liaisons to other System shared leadership committees:
             CARS Committee:  Adam Sielig (AHFD)

               Education Committee:  Adam Sielig (AHFD) VACANT
Chiefs/Administrators:  Adam Sielig (AHFD)
Advisory Board: Taylor McIntyre (HEFD)
Advisory Board Alternate: Adam Sielig (AHFD)
Provider EMS Coordinators: Adam Sielig (AHFD) VACANT
Cardiac Arrest: Phil Schroeder (BGFD)


Resource Hospital liaison: Kourtney Chesney

Region IX CQI Committee: Nicole Junge


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