Paramedic Preceptor Information:

Information for the 2019/20 Paramedic Preceptors:

This section has the information, application and forms required in order to serve as a Paramedic Preceptor for the 2019/20 term.

CoA Standards for Field Internship

Student Agency MOU   Updated on 2/22/20

Preceptor Policy

Preceptor Application   Posted 1/16/20 

Preceptor Classes   (System Memo # 378)  Posted 9/29/19

Preceptor Training Class Handout    Updated on 2/22/20

Preceptor Class Slidedeck Handout
  Updated on 2/22/20

Preceptor Credit Questions   Updated on 2/22/20

Preceptor Agreement Form  Posted 1/16/20

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